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African wood owl diet

African wood owl diet


African wood owl

African Wood Owl

A pair

African Scops-Owl.

African Wood-Owl.

NESTA – Malaysian brown wood owl (Strix leptogrammica)

Safari Ecology

Species distribution range map for African Wood-owl (Strix woodfordii)

A four-week-old Spotted Eagle Owl swallows a dismembered rat

Eastern Screech Owl

African Wood Owl


Spotted Eagle-Owl

African Wood Owl South African Birds, Wood Owls, Owl Eyes, World Birds,

Screech Owl Wildlife Park

Spotted Eagle Owl - Roosting and hunting


African Wood Owl - Strix woodfordii, at Eagle Encounters, Spier Winery, Stellenbosch,

Verreaux's eagle-owl

Tawny Owl

Left, an African Wood Owl, and right, an Augur Buzzard at the Naivasha

in flight

African Wood-owl Characteristics

... right numbers. Populations appear stable in spite of disturbances and habitat loss which could become future problems for them.

parent offspring. ‹

DIET: The Spotted Wood-owl feeds mainly on small rodents, small birds and large insects. It may exceptionally take snakes and bats.

Spotted eagle-owl eating an elephant shrew at night lit up by a spot light

Wood owls, like other raptors, are vulnerable to poisoning by rodenticides (rat poisons

Day-hunting Barn Owl.

eurasian pygmy captures crossbill

Great Gray Owl

My predator is The African Wood Owl. African Wood Owls have sharp claws for catching insects and they have large eyes for seeing their prey at night, ...

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Tawny owl eating (by AngiWallace on Deviant Art)

Barred Hoot Owl- Originally only seen in the east, in the 20th century spread to the Pacific NW and southern California. These large stocky owls nest in ...

The breeding season takes place between January and June in Malay Peninsula. Young fledglings are visible from March to August. The Spotted Wood-owl nests ...

Great Gray Owl

Great horned owls consume a greater diversity of prey than any other North American owl. Their diet includes all kinds of things: every type of vertebrate ...

The African wood owl is a member of the Strix genus ("earless" wood

The pair of wood owls that set me thinking. Arusha, Jan 12

Baby Spotted Eagle Owl also in our friend's garden

Our Little Owl ...

what barn owls eat - barn owl diet

African Wood Owl Baby Animals, Baby Owls, Cute Animals, Animals Beautiful, Beautiful

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Nest boxes[edit]

The ...

Animal Facts: Spotted owl

Barking Owl

Eastern Screech Owl Food Chain

African wood owl range (Strix woodfordii) Wood Owls, Owl Eyes, Most Beautiful

white faced scops owl

Pel's Fishing-owl.

eurasian puffy head pygmy owl

African Wood Owl fledgling


Pel's Fishing-owl Characteristics

African Wood Owl - Strix woodfordii, at Eagle Encounters, Spier Winery, Stellenbosch,

African Barred Owlet Characteristics

Eastern Screech Owl Photos

Image of Spectacled Owl

Barn Owl


Great horned owls are distinguished by their large size, with a length of 18-25 inches (46-63 cm), bulky shape, prominent ear tufts, large yellow eyes and ...

Mottled Owl

Spotted Eagle-owl

Verreau's Eagle-Owl.

It is also a diet generalist and east everything from small insects to small mammals and birds. Nonetheless it is not particularly common and very little is ...

Ashy-faced Owl

Tawny Owl

Verreauxs Eagle-owl

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4 African Wood Owl ...

Indian Scops Owl

In North America and Canada, the great gray owl diet predominantly consists of voles (Microtus spp.).

Marsh Owl Characteristics

The African Scops-Owl is the smallest owl in southern Africa, smaller in size than a dove. Heavily streaked, grey owl with ear tufts.

A Pair Of Owls

Wood rats

African Wood-owl Strix woodfordii (Bosuil) Order: Strigiformes. Family: Strigidae

Furthermore, the burrowing owl diet also includes following kinds of vertebrates:

Birds and Insects

UK, Herefordshire, Falcon, captive Great Grey Owl, eating chick - Stock Image

Barn Owl

sothern white faced scops owl. ‹

What Do Baby Snowy Owls Eat

African Scops-owl Characteristics

Owl with head in the dark. The African Wood ...

barred eagle owl perched