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Camera focus problem

Camera focus problem


Samsung Galaxy S5 camera focus problem / problema enfoque / cámara enfoca mal

Huawei P10 camera focus problem solved

camera focus problem android mi 4 & any mobile

All iPhones: How to Fix Auto Focus or Blurry Problem--- Several Solutions!!

Xiaomi Yi Focus problem , here is easy way to fix it 3

really stupid i think...the one plus didnt have clue to my problem...what should customer service and authority of one plus do is...open or maybe get ...

... Note 4 Camera/Focus Problem-20150410_115253.jpg

Samsung Galaxy S8 camera focus not working (temporarily fix by hitting or shaking phone vigorusly)

Focus Problem

Remove the lens holder

See Example Note 4 Camera/Focus Problem-20150410_115155.jpg ...

Samsung S5 Camera Focus Problem


And, all apps that use the camera, also have the focus like this. Is there a way to fix this? Or, something like use a previous camera version?

Example photos - some nice and clear others blurry - the focus problem is very evident in low light - in the pub it was taking 3-5 seconds to lock on ...

Tab4 10 Plus rear camera focus problem in Skype, Hangouts, etc.

Camera Focusing Issues iPhone 5-photo.jpg

Mount the camera on a tripod ant take a few shots to determine if you have a front-focus or back-focus issue, you will need to release the shutter using a ...

Problem with 'iPhone 6 Plus' camera 'blurred and out of focus' problem


Looking this behaviour up on t'internet, it would appear I'm not the only owner having this problem. I feel yet another trip to the Vodafone shop coming on.

iPhone 6 Plus Again, With Another Problem - What Have You Done Apple4

Details about Canon EOS Rebel T5i / 700D 18.0 MP DSLR Camera *Auto-focus Problem* (710)

Samsung Galaxy S5 Macro Focus Problem

Xiaomi Yi Lens Focus Problem – Tutorial

Redmi note 5 pro back (rear ) camera focus NOT WORKING (solution HERE

You ...

Camera focus problem SOLVED!

camera focus problem!-img_20151223_155954_hdr.jpg

Having a problem with the Galaxy S8 camera and other issues can be quite irritating and frustrating while considering the price tag attached towards the ...

Xiaomi Yi Focus problem , here is easy way to fix it 1

andoridpit oneplus x camera focus problem issue

Replacement camera module


Fix LG G6 Camera Problem Not Focusing

OnePlus 3 Camera Focus Not Working!


Nikon D7000: How to Fix the Auto Focus Problem

Xperia Z5 Compact focus problem

For most Newtonian telescopes, the focuser cannot move inward far enough to bring the image sensor to the focal point of the telescope.

Lumia 920 camera focus problem

camera focus problem!-img_20151223_153319.jpg

How To Fix iPhone Camera Not Focusing Problem

Left: the camera is (auto) focused on the bird, defining a focus plane that contains the subject. Right: after recomposing (rotating

If you are focusing on the eyes and you get just nose in focus, you have a FRONT FOCUSING problem as it is shown in this image below:

Camera focus problem SOLVED!

auto focus

by Focus error with Bronica S2? The problem is not in the screen! | by

Manually focused in live view with 10x magnification - cellphone picture of camera LCD

The problem was what you saw wasn't what you got. You were looking through a separate viewfinder to see the picture, not the lens.

One of the selling points of the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Samsung's 2016 flagship phone) is its camera. Owners expect a lot from it that is why it's very ...

Weird focus problem using IR-converted camera at night

View interpolation problem in the first step of our approach. We interpolate an all-

Thread: Fixing Xiaomi Yi Out of Focus Problem

HTC One Mini 2 Camera Focus problem

Camera tests: Zoom on the iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus

Sergei Khizhiy sheds light on the back-focus issue: From Russia comes a suggestion that the secondary mirror used to direct the image to the auto- focus ...

Note 4 Camera/Focus Problem-20150623_155234.jpg

Nikon DSLR D7000 Kit

Letv focus problem 100% solve!!Letv camera best performance ...


Nikon D800 / D800E left focus problem fixed by NPS



Camera back focus adjustment ensures that a camera's image remains in focus during changing lighting conditions

A few weeks ago I noticed that my Canon EOS 7D camera started using only a single focus point and not the 19-point averaging system that my auto- focusing ...

Problem with 'iPhone 6 Plus' camera 'blurred and out of focus' problem

Weird focus problem using IR-converted camera at night

2019 50MM F1.8 Large Aperture Auto Focus Lens For Canon EOS EF Mount Camera High Quality Auto Focus Lens From Dhgatestorefactory, $53.95 | DHgate.Com

galaxy s5 camera not focusing well

Attached Images


Some users of the Nikon D7000 digital SLR camera have experienced back-focusing problems. The camera's lens tends to focus behind the main subject of a ...

Camera focus problem


LG G3 (Verizon) Phone - Camera Focus Problem

Camera focus problem SOLVED!

enter image description here

Focus problem on Makinon lens

One problem is simply speed. The LG G3 is fast to focus thanks to its laser auto focus system, but the camera is painfully slow to load and the 8-megapixel ...

IMG_20160724_185657.jpg ...


I mean your camera knows better what is more interesting to focus to? Hi from Red sea beach,

5 annoying LG G6 problems, and what to do about them

Problem #1: Galaxy Note 3 won't focus after updating to Lollipop

Fujifilm HS10 / Focus error problem

Typically it means that focus position is a bit shifted toward the target. Optics need to be positioned a bit closer to the camera.

http://i17.photobucket .com …7/maxselma/DSCN 5721-1.jpg ...


This may be a developing story, but for now, here is a comparison of 4K vs 2.7K output from the Mavic 2 Pro, you decide if there is a problem:


Switching from Auto Focus to Manual Focus on your DSLR Camera