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How to make a life size angry birds slingshot

How to make a life size angry birds slingshot


Life Size Angry Birds Sling Shot made by Daddy

Picture of Life Sized Angry Birds Game

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... life-size Angry Birds. I am so going to attempt to do this for my kid's birthday party.

Life Sized Angry Birds Slingshot

DIY Giant Angry Birds Slingshot

The biggest issue to me was keeping it stable from a lot of use and keeping it from twisting and turning when a lot of pressure was applied.

How much fun does this look? A real life Angry Birds slingshot

And now for the hit of the party.... life size Angry Birds! It was so much fun. Andy made the slingshot, and we used moving boxes and kickball balls with ...

Angry Birds slingshot/catapult made with PVC pipes and connectors from Lowe's, set into bucket of concrete. Water balloon sling shot from Target for $10.

Giant Slingshot

wholebunchawords.blogspot angry-birds-birthday - slingshot made from tree

How to make a life-size Angry Birds game

Kent's Angry Birds slingshot party game

Angry Birds life-size catapult

Nicky's Angry Bird Slingshot

If you do end up making a giant slingshot, I would love to see a picture.

DIY giant Angry Birds game with sling shot, pigs and birds! Perfect for birthday parties or just for fun.

Angry Birds Slingshot



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How to make a life-size Angry Birds game#the big kid inside of me wants to do this badly lol

Picture of Putting It Together ...


Angry Birds Birthday Party games

honey-mommy.blogspot angry-birds-star-wars-birthday-party

Life Size Angry Birds Game for Youth Ministry

We made a life-size Angry Birds game because why not?!

We used 2 medium strength workout resistance bands and a piece of leather to make the slingshot part. Life size ...

How to make a DIY giant backyard slingshot

The children play "life sized" Angry Birds in our backyard. We made a slingshot from an old bicycle tire and a couple of star pickets hammered into the ...

Picture of Pull!

Build the sling shot as pictured above. We used the 6 inch piece for the handle, the 4 inch pieces connected to the “T,” and the 5 inch pieces coming up as ...

DIY - life size sling shot for angry bird party - from My 4 Boys: Happy "Angry Bird"day To You

Angry Birds birthday party games

My husband used 5, 46″ 2X4's for the 2 base legs and 3 cross bars (2 along the base and 1 across the bottom opening of the sling shot.

That's right, you don't even need a giant slingshot. (Bonus points if you make one and send in action shots!)

How to Make A Real Life Angry Birds Game!

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Giant slingshot made from 2" PVC. Cement insufficient. How to fasten for load?

Step 4: Putting It Together

... Angry Birds out of a giant slingshot similar to those designed for water balloons, in an attempt to crash the other family's fort filled with giant ...

angry bird mcdonalds

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Angry Birds is a huge hit in China. The game was even part of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival although just in mooncake form. The explosive growth thanks in ...

kidsministrygames.com life-size-angry-birds tree

waterbaloon launcher

Pig Bowling: This DIY game is not only inexpensive, but also easy. Using a variety of craft punches & scissors, I put together some pig faces using ...

Again, the adorable printables for this party can be purchasedhere!

DIY Giant Angry Birds Slingshot

Take Angry Birds outside and your kids will follow.

POKONBOY Water Balloon Launcher 500 Yards, Heavy Duty Water Balloon Cannon / Slingshot Fun Water

[Follow-up: ...

Picture of Play Life Sized Angry Birds

... Water Balloon Slingshot / Cannon / Launcher with 500 Water Balloons 2 Refill Kits Fight Pool Party Toy, 3 Person Giant Angry Birds Summer Beach Games

hold bird tail

Real Life Angry Birds Arcade Game in China!

Angry Birds is coming to Magic Leap One as an impressive AR puzzle game

Seattle Space Needle Turned Into Giant Angry Birds Slingshot

3-2-1: This is what Angry Birds looks like in real life

makecreatedo.com angry-birds-party-ideas

My husband quickly went to work and came up with this sling shot. It didn't make it through the entire party as the kids, I mean adults took over and they ...

angry birds movie rovio

A stack of boxes with angry birds' pigs

Physics Says Hollywood Shrank the Angry Birds for Their Leading Roles


angry-birds-theme-party (8)

Will the New 'Angry Birds' Movie Save Rovio?

Players pull back a gigantic slingshot loaded with plush Angry Birds and let them fly at balloon pigs sheltered in toy bricks. Chances are you need to make ...

How to Build a Water Balloon Launcher. “


neighbors 2 angry birds movie captain america. “

Use whatever materials/trash you have to build your fortress.

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Heart-racing video: A daredevil BASE jumper boards the launchpad of an enormous slingshot

This ...

Rovio Turns Space Needle in Seattle Into Giant Slingshot for Launch of "Angry Birds Space"

Angry Birds 2 ads

The Finnish Creator of Angry Birds Helps Develop The Angry Birds Land Theme Park : News

Giant Garden Games DIY Tutorials

Angry Birds Movie Trailer

SMASHING Pigs with a Giant Angry Birds Slingshot

Angry Birds 2 4+


Life-Size Angry Birds Game

1. rubber bird/red/angry 2. cardboard 3.rubber band [

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Angry Birds GO! Playskool Heroes Red Bird Slingshot Slamway Playset - Walmart.com